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Visually Analyze Option Strategies
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Avasaram Webservices

Avasaram RESTful Web Services helps third party applications to interface with Avasaram platform. The APIs provide access to various screeners, analyzers and calculators.

Avasaram Web Services

Available Services
  • Login Service
  • Screener Service ( 36 Strategies )
  • Custom Screener Service ( User Created Strategies )
  • Option Calculator Service ( Option pricing and greeks )
  • Vertical Spread Calculator Service ( Bull/Bear Spreads )
  • Analyzer Service
Pseudo Code

//First step is to establish session with the server.
//Successfull login will return a userKey which will be used for all other subsequent requests
userKey = Call LoginService.login
Call ScreenerService.screenerData
Call OptionCalculatorService.calculateOptionPrice
Call CustomScreenerService.screenerList
Call CustomScreenerService.screenerData
//Finally ..Disconnect from server
Call LoginService.logout

Contact support@avasaram.com for pricing structure.

Download Webservice Documentation.

Download Webservice Output XML Samples.

Avasaram SDK for Java

Third party java applications can access Avasaram Web Services easily by embedding the SDK jar file in the application. This will reduce the development time significantly.

Avasaram Web Services JAVA SDK

Avasaram SDK Prerequisite
  • JDK 1.6+ (Not Included)
  • jersey-client-1.13.jar (Included)
  • jersey-core-1.13.jar(Included)
  • log4j-1.2.8.jar(Included)
  • Avasaram Webservice Subscription(Not Included)

Avasaram SDK Pricing

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