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Visually Analyze Option Strategies
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Custom Screeners and Standard Screeners.
Standard Screeners are the built in screeners which is configured by our analysts. Custom screeners are configured by the users themselves to suite their needs.

Is there any limit on the number of custom screeners.
No. currently there is no limit.

How often do you update the data for the screens.
Please check out our data updation schedule page.

Is the data real time?
No, Not now. Data is delayed.

How do I screen for Indian Option Strategies.
Couple of ways. Change the location dropdown to "India" on the top of the screen.
Directly access the website through http://india.avasaram.com

What are gadgets?.
Gadgets are little applications which you can add to your iGoogle home page or your website. Please go to gadgets tab to get the code to embed in your website.

I want to learn more about options and option strategies, where can I find information.
You may use our tutorial section. There are tons of information available on the internet.

Where do I send my feed back?
Please send your feedback to support@avasaram.com , Your comments are always welcome. We love to hear from our users.

I do not see some options on the screeners which I expected to be there.
If you are using the built in screeners our filters could be filtering them out. Try to screen by creating a custom screener.

How do I download the screener results to my computer.
Use the download button on top of the screener data page to download to your computer. Data is in comma separated format and can be easily viewed using Excel.

What does the Quick Filter button do.
Quick filter will let you further refine screened results.

I don't see the screener I am looking for. I want to build one. Could you guys help me?
Yes. If you want our developers to help you build a screener, contact support for a quote and go to Buy Dev Hours to buy developer hours.

How do I install the mobile version in IPhone.
Please refer to iphone-installation-instruction.

Billing Frequently Asked Questions
How are the charges for hourly usage calculated?
Charges are calculated for each hour the user is logged in to the system. Every partial hour is considered as an hour.
For example:
User logged in for 5 minute : 1 hour is charged.
User logged in for 1 hour 3 minutes : 2 hour is charged.

How do I end my billing hour?.
You could end your billing hour by logging out. It is always recommended to logout.

I forgot to logout. What will happen?
If you forget to logout of the system, we will automatically terminate your session after an hour of idle time.
For example: If you leave your browser after 30 minutes of usage, we will expire your session after an hour of idle time. You will be charged for 1 hour.

What will happen if I close my browser(All my browser windows)?
If you close your browser, your session will be considered abandoned and it will expire after an hour of idle time.
For example: If you close your browser after 30 minutes of usage. we will expire your session after an hour of idle time. You will be charged for 1 hour.
Note: You can get back to your old session if it did not expire and is opened in last hour.
You will have to relogin from the same computer and use the same browser.

What will happen to my unused hours?
The unused hours will expire at the end of the billing cycle. You will not be able to carry forward to the next billing cycle.

I used up all my available hours for the billing cycle. What do I do to continue my access?
Once you have used up all your available hours, you can buy additional hours.

How is my payment processed? Is my payment information safe?
We process all our payments through paypal. We do not store any credit card or bank account information in our database.
Paypal is a very reputed payment processor. You could visit their website, http://paypal.com for more details.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Just drop us an email OR login to your paypal account and cancel it from there.
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