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Visually Analyze Option Strategies
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  • Avasaram RESTful Webservices to enable integration with avasaram platform.

  • Avasaram Platform Programming Language(APPL) to create advanced filters and display columns.

  • Scan for 50 plus Candlestick patterns with Candlestick Pattern Finder

  • Scan for high premium Covered Call and Covered Put Strategies.

  • Scan for high probability Naked Call and Naked Put Strategies.

  • Scan for high return Vertical Debit Spreads and Vertical Credit Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Calendar Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Butterfly Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Condor Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Collar Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Married Put and Call Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Diagonal Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Back Spreads.

  • Scan for high return Ratio Spreads.

  • Scan for Stock Repair Strategy.

  • Fully customizable screeners to suit your needs.

  • Data updated multiple times daily.

  • Create/Test different option strategies.

  • Save your strategies for future references/analysis.

  • Visually analyze the potential risks and return of a strategy.

  • Test the "what-if" scenarios by modifying the parameters.

  • The easy-to-use screen lets you configure your strategy with great flexibility.

  • Easy to read charts with tool tip.

    • Time versus P/L
    • Stock Price versus P/L
    • Volatility versus P/L
    • Time versus Delta
    • Stock Price versus Delta
    • Volatility versus Delta
    • Time versus Gamma
    • Stock Price versus Gamma
    • Volatility versus Gamma
    • Time versus Theta
    • Stock Price versus Theta
    • Volatility versus Theta
    • Time versus Vega
    • Stock Price versus Vega
    • Volatility versus Vega

  • 50 plus Built-in Options Strategies which you could modify and add to your list.

  • Option pricing based on Black-Scholes model

  • Compute fair option prices.

  • Calculate option greeks.

  • Support for American,Canadian and Indian Stock Exchanges.

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